Managed vps

Website owners need hosting services to host their website contents, programs and applications. There are different types of hosting services available for this purpose. It is important to select a web hosting plan according to the specific requirements. There are advantages and disadvantages of each type of hosting plan. The free web hosting comes with many drawbacks. For example, the hosting company places its own advertisement on the website pages. Dedicated hosting is the ultimate in web hosting but it is the most expensive one. Shared web hosting is used most but a website owner has to share the server space and bandwidth with other websites. Virtual Private Server or VPS has gained wide popularity. It is available in two flavours -managed and unmanaged vps services.

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Managed VPSIt can be expensive to manage everything of your web hosting tasks on your own. A managed hosting VPS plan is a completely secured, configured, installed and audited hosting service. It offers the functionality, features and functions of a dedicated server but at a lower price. You can lower your expenses and save time using this hosting service. Your virtual private server is managed by the hosting company. It takes complete responsibility for the server management. You will receive dependable performance, allocated system resources and complete system access. You get full control over your hosting management. In fact, you can get complete root access. It comes with 24/7 technical support service.

Unmanaged VPSIn this type of VPS hosting, the hosting company is responsible for managing only certain functions of the server. The website owner is responsible for controlling the software, updating programs and some other functions. It is important to know that the security of the website is your responsibility. This hosting plan does not come with a control panel. Because of these shortcomings, many website owners looking for a VPS hosting go for the managed hosting VPS services.

The Type of Companies That Benefit from VPS HostingIt is difficult for small companies to hire IT professionals to manage their hosting systems. The job requires high level of IT skills in Linux systems. Website owners who do not have any idea of terminal access, shell commands and SSH can benefit from managed hosting services. Without support from the hosting service provider, it is not possible for such business owners to take full advantage of VPS services. After signing up for the managed hosting VPS plan, the website owner does not have to worry about the technical stuff.